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Use Zinc Free eye vitamin supplements if you've not performed the VitaRisk genetic test following diagnosis of macular degeneration (AMD). Without this simple cheek swab, about 1 in 6 taking AREDS supplements will accelerate their progression to advanced AMD. Only after it's determined zinc may be beneficial should one consider an AREDS type supplement with 25mg zinc. The higher 80mg zinc dose found in widely available brands has proven toxic- avoid these.

Harvard research - zinc in AREDS eye vitamins preservision & vitalux harms macular degeneration AMD

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Zinc can help or hurt - the answer is in your DNA

VitaRisk genetic test for macular degeneration AMD to reduce risk of disease progression with AREDS

VitaRisk Guides Supplement Choice

A simple genetic test determines who can benefit from an AREDS formula containing zinc. Without this test, the smart supplement choice is Zinc Free.   

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